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We offer an internationally renowned critical care research program with a range of outputs ranging from new drugs and devices, novel insights into the pathophysiology underlying critical illness, and a very active experimental and clinical research portfolio.

This is reflected in significant grant funding, multiple publications in high impact factor journals, new patents and national/international awards and prizes.

Our educational output extends from textbooks (e.g. Oxford Handbook of Critical Care) to long-running courses in medical emergencies.


Research Interests and Techniques


1 – Pathophysiology of critical illness 

  • mitochondrial dysfunction in critical illness
  • mechanisms of acute renal injury
  • nitrite reductase activity in sepsis and hypoxaemia

2 – Novel monitoring and diagnostics 

  • tissue PO2 monitoring as a marker of local oxygen supply adequacy in shock states
  • NADH redox state as a marker of the adequacy of tissue perfusion
  • novel haemodynamic monitoring parameters using linked oesophageal Doppler ultrasound and blood pressure monitoring
  • novel biomarkers for early detection of sepsis and infection
  • development of a critical illness stress index

3 – Novel interventions 

  • long-acting sulphide donor therapy for ischaemia-reperfusion injury
  • beta-blocker therapy in severe sepsis
  • activators of mitochondrial biogenesis to enhance recovery from critical illness
  • CD73 therapy for acute lung injury
  • patient-individualized targeted mobilization

4 – Clinical studies


Clinical Investigators


Head of Centre

Prof Mervyn Singer

  • Areas of interest: sepsis, multi-organ failure, infection, monitoring of haemodynamics and tissue oxygenation

Principal Investigators

Prof Geoff Bellingan

  • Areas of interest: acute lung injury, infection

Dr David Brealey

  • Areas of interest: clinical trials (first-in-man to phase III), sepsis

Prof Monty Mythen

  • Areas of interest: Perioperative Medicine

Prof Hugh Montgomery

  • Areas of interest: muscle wasting in illness; metabolic responses to illness; skeletal remodelling; paracrine rennin-angiotensin systems; extreme environment responses.