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Rupert Pearse MD FRCA FFICM
Professor & Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine
Queen Marys University of London

Phone:+44 (0)20 3594 0346


Address: Adult Critical Care Unit, Royal London Hospital
Whitechapel, London, E1 1BB, United Kingdom

Region: London

Research type:  Major trials and observational studies; Health Services Research

Research Interests: Clinical effectiveness research in Critical Care Medicine and Peri-Operative Medicine

Key Techniques: 



  • National Institute for Health Research Research Professorhip
  • National Institute for Health Research Health Services & Delivery Research
  • British Journal of Anaesthesia / Royal College of Anaesthetists


Selected Publications (past five years):

  1. Pearse RM, Harrison DA, MacDonald N, Gillies MA, Blunt M, Ackland G, Grocott MP, Ahern A, Griggs K, Scott R, Hinds C, Rowan K; OPTIMISE Study Group. Effect of a perioperative, cardiac output-guided hemodynamic therapy algorithm on outcomes following major gastrointestinal surgery: a randomized clinical trial and systematic review. JAMA. 2014; 311: 2181-90.
  2. Baron D, Hochrieser H, Posch M, Metnitz B, Rhodes A, Moreno R, Pearse RM, Metnitz P. Preoperative anaemia is associated with higher in-hospital morbidity and mortality in non-cardiac surgery patients. Brit J Anaesth 2014 epub
  3. Prowle JR, Kolic I, Purdell-Lewis J, Taylor R, Pearse RM, Kirwan CJ. Serum Creatinine Changes Associated with Critical Illness and Detection of Persistent Renal Dysfunction after AKI. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2014; 9:1015-23.
  4. Torrance HD, Brohi K, Pearse RM, Mein CA, Wozniak E, Prowle JR, Hinds CJ, OʼDwyer MJ. Association Between Gene Expression Biomarkers of Immunosuppression and Blood Transfusion in Severely Injured Polytrauma Patients. Ann Surg. 2014 epub.
  5. Botto F, Alonso-Coello P, Chan MT, Villar JC, Xavier D, Srinathan S, Guyatt G, Cruz P, Graham M, Wang CY, Berwanger O, Pearse RM, et al; on behalf of The Vascular events In noncardiac Surgery patIents cOhort evaluatioN (VISION) Investigators. Myocardial injury after noncardiac surgery: a large, international, prospective cohort study establishing diagnostic criteria, characteristics, predictors, and 30-day outcomes. Anesthesiology 2014;120: 564-78.
  6. James S, Jhanji S, Smith A, O’Brien G, Fitzgibbon M, Pearse RM. Comparison of the prognostic accuracy of scoring systems, cardio-pulmonary exercise testing and plasma biomarkers: A single centre observational pilot study. Brit J Anaesth 2014; 112: 491-7.
  7. Cullen M, Jhanji S, Pearse RM, Fitzgibbon M. Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin as a predictor of acute kidney injury in patients treated with goal directed haemodynamic therapy after major abdominal surgery. Ann Clin Biochem 2014; 51: 392-9.
  8.  Lee GR, Jhanji S, Tarrant H, James S, Pearse RM, Fitzgibbon MC. Peri-operative troponin monitoring using a prototype high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I (hs-cTnI) assay: comparisons with hs-cTnT and contemporary cTnI assays. Ann Clin Biochem 2014; 51: 258-68.
  9.  Gillies M, Habicher M, Jhanji S, Sander M, Mythen M, Hamilton M, Pearse RM. Incidence of peri-operative death and kidney injury associated with 6% hydroxyethyl starch use: systematic review and meta-analysis. Brit J Anaesth 2014;112: 25-34.
  10.  Reynolds T, Vivian-Smith A, Jhanji S, Pearse RM. Observational study of the effects of age, diabetes mellitus, cirrhosis and chronic kidney disease on sublingual microvascular flow. Perioper Med 2013; 2: 7.
  11.  Walsh T, Boyd J, Watson D, Hope D, Lewis S, Krishan A, Forbes J, Ramsay P, Pearse RM, Wallis C, Cairns C, Cole S, Wyncoll D, for the RELIEVE investigators. Restrictive Versus Liberal Transfusion Strategies for Older Mechanically Ventilated Critically Ill Patients: A Randomized Pilot Trial. Crit Care Med 2013; 41(10):2354-63.
  12.  Bangash M, Patel N, Benetti E, Collino M, Hinds CJ, Thiemermann C, Pearse RM. Dopexamine can attenuate the inflammatory response and protect against organ injury in a rodent model of laparotomy and endotoxaemia in the absence of significant effects on haemodynamics or microvascular flow. Crit Care. 2013; 17: R57.
  13.  Pearse RM, Moreno R, Bauer P, Pelosi P, Metnitz P, Spies C, Vallet B, Vincent J-L, Hoeft A, Rhodes A. Mortality after surgery in Europe: a seven day cohort study. Lancet 2012; 380: 1059-65.
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