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Paul DarkPaul Dark

Reader in Inflammation and Repair

Honorary Consultant in Critical Care Medicine

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

MAHSC Operational Director

Tissue Injury and Trauma Care

Central Manchester Foundation Trust



Address: Centre for Respiratory Medicine and Allergy

University Hospital of South Manchester

University of Manchester

Region: Manchester

Research type: Basic Science, Clinical

Research Interests:

  • Biological barrier function in acute inflammation
  • Host-pathogen interactions in acute inflammation
  • Host (acute responses) to sterile tissue injury and sepsis


Key Techniques: 


  •             Man (volunteers – LPS and LBNP)
  •             Patients (sterile tissue injury and sepsis)
  •             Ex-vivo gut tissue
  •             Human epithelial cell lines
  •             KO mice (gut micro flora interactions) – main campus Manchester


  •             Molecular microbiology (infection diagnostics/gut flora)
  •             Protein biomarkers
  •             NHS Bio banking
  •             High throughput ‘omics’ – main campus Manchester


  • Inflammation
  • Injury
  • Infection


  • NIHR, TSB, MC-F7 and Wellcome
  • Fellowships: Royal Commission, MOD and BBSRC

Main laboratory collaborations:

Local:             University of Manchester

                                    – Institute of Biotechnology

                                    – Faculty of Life Sciences

                                    – Institute of Inflammation and Repair

                                    – Pharmacy

National:        PHE (Porton Down), Newcastle, East Anglia and Brighton

International:            CIMIT (Boston, MA), Philips (Eindhoven + Amsterdam AHSC), Intel (Europe)