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Nazir Lone

Naz LoneClinical Senior Lecturer in Critical Care

Phone: 0131 651 1340


Address: The Chancellor’s Building, 49 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh, EH16 4SB, United Kingdom

Region: Edinburgh


Research type: Clinical

Research Interests:Epidemiological methods to study the long term outcomes of the critically ill and health services research applied to intensive care

Key Techniques: Epidemiology

Keywords:  Long term outcomes, health services


  • Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Effectiveness II (SIVE II): Use of a large national primary care and laboratory-linked dataset to evaluate live attenuated and trivalent inactivated influenza vaccination effectiveness (NIHR HTA, 2014-2017) Simpson CR, Lone N, Ehrlich E, McMenamin J, Robertson C, Ritchie LD, Sheikh A
  • Preventing early unplanned hospital readmission following critical illness. (Chief Scientist Office, 2014-2016) Walsh TS, Mackenzie S, Salisbury L, Lone NI, Rattray R, Ramsay P
  • Early estimation of pandemic influenza Antiviral and Vaccine Effectiveness (EAVE) – use of a unique community and laboratory national linked dataset (National Institute for Health Research – Health Technology Assessment , 2013-2014) Simpson CR, Lone N, Ritchie LD, Robertson C, Sheikh A, McMenamin J
  • Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness (SIVE): exploitation of a unique community-based national linked dataset. (NIHR Health Services Research, 2010-2011) Simpson C, Ritchie L, Sheikh A, Lone N, McMenamin J

Collaborations: Tim Walsh

Selected Publications:

  1. Simpson CR, Lone N, Kavanagh K, Ritchie LD, Robertson C, Sheikh A, McMenamin J. Seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness (SIVE): an observational retrospective cohort study- exploitation of a unique community-based national-linked database to determine the effectiveness of the seasonal trivalent influenza vaccine. Health Serv Deliv Res 2013; 1(10) DOI Link
  2. Hall DP, Lone NI, Watson DM, Stanworth SJ, Walsh TS, for the Intensive Care Study of Coagulopathy (ISOC) Investigators (2012) Factors associated with prophylactic plasma transfusion before vascular catheterization in non-bleeding critically ill adults with prolonged prothrombin time: a case-control study. Br J Anaesth 109(6): 919-27. DOI Link
  3. Lone N, Simpson CR, Ritchie LD, Robertson C, Sheikh A, McMenamin J. Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in the community (SIVE): exploitation of a unique national linked dataset. BMJ Open. 2012; 15:e001019 DOI Link
  4. Lone N, Walsh TS.  2012.  Prolonged mechanical ventilation in critically ill patients: epidemiology, outcomes and modelling the potential cost consequences of establishing a regional weaning unit.. Critical care (London, England). 15(2):R102. Abstract
  5. Lone N, Walsh TS.  2012.  Impact of intensive care unit organ failures on mortality during the five years after a critical illness.. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine. 186(7):640-7. Abstract