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Natalie Pattison

N PattisonSenior Clinical Nursing Research Fellow

Lead for Patient and Public Involvement in Research

Phone: 02073528171 ext 1154


Address: Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, Dovehouse DB3, Fulham Road, London SW3 6JJ

Region: London

Research type: Qualitative, mixed methods.

Research Interests: End-of-life care in ICU; End of life decision-making pre-ICU; Critical Care Outreach; Rehabilitation after critical care outreach; patient and public involvement

Key Techniques: qualitative methods including phenomenology, grounded theory and ethnography., case study, mixed methods.

Keywords: Qualitative, nursing, end of life, critical care outreach, decision-making, rehabilitation, cancer critical illness.

Funding: ESICM; General Nursing Council Trust; Florence Nightingale Foundation; Macmillan; Marie Curie.


  • Christie Hospital Manchester: Transitions to end of life in critical illness. N Pattison (CI)
  • Part of the Enhanced Rehabilitation After Critical Illness collaborative
  • UK Nurse lead/co-applicant for NIHR HTA bid for SUDDICU study with Imperial’s Dr Tony Gordon as PI.
  • Co-enrolment in research working group
  • Collaborator on Marie Curie study, sponsored by University of Southampton‘An Investigation about transferring patients in critical care home to die: experiences, attitudes, population characteristics and practice’ Prof Mo Coombs CI
  • RELINQUISH: Longitudinal follow-up after critical care (Steering group) Dr Pam Ramsay/Prof Tim Walsh, Edinburgh
  • PROFILE – steering group; Dr Lisa Salibury PI, Edinburgh
  • EPIC – steering group; Dr Pam Ramsay PI, Edinburgh
  • Clinical Features and Outcomes of Lung Cancer patients admitted to European and Latin American ICUs (LUCCA) (local PI and UK coordinator)
  • Advanced Symptom Management System (ASyMS) CI Nora Kearney

Selected Publications:

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