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Maurizio Cecconi

CecconiMaurizio Cecconi

Chair Communication Committee (elect) at European Society of Intensive Care Medicine – ESICM

Division Lead at NIHR

Associate Editor at Intensive Care Medicine Journal




Address: St George’s Hospital, London

Region: London- South

Research type:  Clinical

Research Interests:

  • The fluid challenge technique: standardization of fluid administration and assessment of fluid responsiveness in critically ill patients
  • Kinetic analysis of haemodynamic changes after a fluid challenge: completing data collection
  • Transient stop-flow arm arterial–venous equilibrium pressure measurement: determination of precision of the technique. Reporting results.
  • Changes of mean systemic filling pressure in post-operative patients: looking for the minimal volume for a fluid challenge. Collecting data.
  • Microcirculatory haemodynamics and mean systemic filling pressure

Key Techniques: 

Keywords: Functional haemodynamics, monitoring, Cardiovascular, perioperative medicine