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Danny McAuley

Danny McAuleyProf Danny McAuley

Professor of Intensive Care Medicine

Queen’s University, Belfast



Phone: 02890972144

Email:  d.f.mcauley@qub.ac.uk

Address: Room 01/017, Health Sciences Building, 97 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 7AE  

Region:  N Ireland

Research type: basic science, translational, clinical trials, health services

Research Interests: ARDS, clinical trials

Key Techniques: Variety of in vitro and in vivo laboratory techniques, human models of ARDS, phase 2 and 3 clinical trials

Keywords:  ARDS, mesenchymal stem cells, pharmacological therapies

Funding: MRC, NIHR, NI HSC R&D Division,Technology Strategy Board


  • UK: Prof John Simpson, Prof Gavin Perkins, Dr Mark Griffiths, Dr David Thickett
  • International: Prof Michael Matthay

Selected Publications:

  • Proteolytic cleavage of elafin by 20S proteasome may contribute to inflammation in acute lung injury (2013).  Kerrin A  Weldon S  Chung AH  Craig T  Simpsom AJ  Levine RL  O’Kane C  McAuley DF  Taggart CC.  Thorax 68:315-21.
  • Clinical grade allogeneic human mesenchymal stem cells restore alveolar fluid clearance in human lungs rejected for transplantation.  McAuley DF  Curley GF  Hamid UI  Laffey JG  Abbott J  McKenna DH  Fang X Matthay MA  Lee JW.  American Journal of Physiology. Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology (in press).
  • KGF promotes epithelial survival and resolution in a human model of lung injury.  Shyamsundar M  McAuley DF  Ingram RJ  Gibson DS  O’Kane D  McKeown ST  Edwards A  Taggart CC  Elborn JS  Calfee C  Matthay MA  O’Kane C.  American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care (in press).
  • Effect of simvastatin on physiological and biological outcomes in patients undergoing oesophagectomy: a randomised placebo controlled trial (2014).  Shyamsundar M  McAuley DF  Shields MO  MacSweeney R  Duffy MJ  Johnston JR  McGuigan J  Backman JT  Calfee CS  Matthay MA  Griffiths MJ  Elborn JS  O’Kane CM.  Annals of Surgery 259:26–31.
  • Keratinocyte growth factor in Acute lung injury to Reduce pulmonary dysfunction – a randomised placebo controlled trial (KARE): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial (2013). Cross LJM  O’Kane CM  McDowell C  Elborn JS  Matthay MA  McAuley DF. Trials 14:51.
  • Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase inhibition with simvastatin in Acute lung injury to Reduce Pulmonary dysfunction (HARP-2) trial: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (2012).  McAuley DF  Laffey JG  O’Kane CM  Cross M  Perkins GD  Murphy L  McNally C  Crealey G  Stevenson M and the HARP-2 investigators on behalf of the Irish Critical Care Trials Group. Trials 13:170.
  • How outcomes are defined in clinical trials of mechanically ventilated adults and children.  Blackwood B  Clarke M  McAuley DF  McGuigan PJ  Marshall J  Rose L. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care (in press).