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Chris Kirwin

Chris Kirwan BSc., MD(Res), MRCP, FFICM



Adult Critical Care Unit
Royal London Hospital
E1 1BB
United Kingdom
Region: London

Research type:  Regional observational studies and clinical audit, quality improvement. Prospective outcome projects.

Research Interests: AKI detection, management and follow up. Fluid monitoring in critically ill and perioperative transplant patients. AKI, critical illness and clotting abnormalities.

Key Techniques: 



Collaborations: John Prowle, Rupert Pearse, Barbara Philips

Selected Publications (past five years):

  1. Prowle JR, Kirwan CJ. Acute Kidney Injury After Cardiac Surgery: the injury that keeps on hurting. Critical Care Medicine. 2014; 42(9):2142-3
  2. Prowle JR, Kolic I, Purdell-Lewis J, Taylor R, Pearse RM, Kirwan CJ. Serum Creatinine Changes Associated with Critical Illness and Detection of Persistent Renal Dysfunction after AKI. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2014; 9:1015-23.
  3. Prowle JR, Kirwan CJ, Bellomo R. Fluid Management for the Prevention and Attenuation of Acute Kidney Injury. Nature Reviews Nephrology. 2013 10:37-47
  4. Kirwan CJ, Baig ZF, Platton S, MacCullum PK, Ashman N. Anti-Xa Activity Supports Using a Simple Dosing Algorithm for Tinzaparin for Anticoagulation in Hemodialysis. Nephron Clinical Practice 2013:123(1-2):7-12
  5. Kirwan CJ, Philips BJ, MacPhee, IA Estimated glomerular filtration rate correlates poorly with four hour creatinine clearance in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury. Critical Care Research and Practice 2013:
  6. Kirwan CJ, MacPhee, IA, Lee T, Holt D, Philips BJ. Acute Kidney Injury Reduces Midazolam Metabolism in Critically Ill Patients. Intensive Care Medicine 2012:38(1):76-84
  7. Solomon A, Kirwan C, Alexander N, Nimako K, Jurukov A, Forth R, Rahman  T. Case-control study of urine output on an Intensive Care Unit. BMJ, 2010; 341 c6761
  8. Kirwan C, MacPhee IA, Philips BJ. Using drug probes to monitor hepatic drug metabolism in critically ill patients: Midazolam, a flawed but useful tool for clinical investigation of CYP3A activity?[review] Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism and Toxicology, 2010, 6(6):761-771
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